History of Run to the Rez

Run to the Rez (RTTR) started 10 years ago by local Apache bikers who wanted to honor local Apache Veterans who proudly served their country. RTTR was first held as a honor run during the San Carlos Apache Tribe’s annual tribute to veterans during the Veteran’s Day weekend in November. The Tribe holds a parade, fair, pow-wow, and rodeo during that weekend.

The first RTTR was attended by 60 bikers who rode to the parade and continued on to a fun run. Six years ago, Apache Gold Casino agreed to sponsor and host the first official RTTR. Apache Gold also has donated a motorcycle every year since. In 2008, a rider from Globe won the 2008 Victory Vegas. A rider from the Navajo Nation won the first raffle which was a Harley Davidson Sportster.

This is one of the few runs in Arizona that you can register in the morning and ride off in a new mortorcyle in the evening. The run kicks off the Tribe’s annual tribute to veterans. Since RTTR is held on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, many Native American bikers attend this event year. A writer /rider Sidekick from AZ RIDER magazine called this run “the most spiritual ride in Arizona”.